Atlantic City Electric's Business Energy Manager allows you to see how your company is using its energy like never before.

Want to start reducing your energy costs today? Set aside a few minutes to grab your Atlantic City Electric bill to use this fast and free online tool.

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How can your business save energy?


What does your energy use look like?


How can you implement best practices?

Discover business-specific savings.

Uncover energy-saving opportunities and create an energy plan by tracking your usage trends, identifying high-cost periods, and receiving custom tips that apply directly to your business’s needs.

Implement & Track

Implement recommended energy efficiency upgrades and track your success by interacting with the platform.

Personal Business Solutions

Explore options on how to help your company save money through energy efficiency programs.

Dig deep into your energy usage.

See how your business is using energy yearly, monthly, daily, and even hourly with easy-to-understand charts and graphs. Uncover how similar businesses are using energy and compare your success with theirs.

Many Hands Make Light Work

Build savings momentum by empowering employees to make efficiency decisions. Working together will make energy efficiency improvements even easier to implement.

Facilitate Behavior Change

Save larger amounts of money when everyone participates, helping your business become a leader in efficiency.

Share savings tips with co-workers.

Share energy savings recommendations with co-workers to encourage behavior change. Compare energy trends across multiple accounts or locations and incorporate successful strategies enterprise wide.

Take control of your energy use.

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You will need your Atlantic City Electric account number to sign up. Once you create your account you can take advantage of interactive graphs, charts, and tips to improve your energy use and save money. Questions or concerns? Contact us.